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The Lab Room Rose Petal Collection by Rossy de Palma is a collaboration that comes out from the deeply connection between The Lab Room Founder, Monica Ceño and the great artist. A love for nature and botanical extracts, and the ritualistic and ancestral goddess that we can all discover using cosmetics for body & soul.
“Rossy adores The Lab Room products, and we had always wanted to do something together. We have made a special edition of Rossy favorite products from our line with the ROSE as the main character, and added ingredients from Africa, a continent that has a special meaning for us. She loves Africa and I have arab and african ancestors from Benin so we have chosen some extracts, such as marula and Kalahari oil. We also have our Mediterranean love of exuberant flowers and nature, Rossy was born in Mallorca and I spent many summers in Ibiza, so this lingers throughout the collection”. Monica Ceño

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