Why does your hair get more damaged during the summer?

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Why does your hair get more damaged during the summer?


It is important to know that it is totally common to lose more hair during the summer. When the sun comes out it is normal to want to tan a little more than usual, the only problem with this is that sunlight causes the body to produce less melatonin, the hormone responsible for your quality of sleep, which as a result, affects the hormone levels in the scalp.

In the case of ultraviolet rays, they dry out the hair, as they cause the hair follicles to carry out their natural shedding phase for longer periods of time than usual.

If you go on vacation to the beach, salt water and chlorine from swimming pools cause hair to become more frizzy than usual.



What is a solution for this problem? 

Coco Hair Serum

At The Lab Room we have our Coconut and Chia Hair Serum which helps your hair look silky and smooth every day of the year. This serum repairs the hair and protects it from the harmful effects of pollution and ultraviolet radiation, taking care of its color. Coconut and chia are very important ingredients that help to moisturize, protect and prevent split ends.

We use this serum to do a hair ritual in our spa which relaxes you while leaving your hair healthy and silky.


It’s great to use this product along with our Cedar Hair Mask, here’s a wonderful routine you can do from the comfort of your house!

Hair Care Routine by The Lab Room 

  1. Use the oil before washing your hair for best results.
  2. After washing your hair, apply the Cedar Hair Mask, while your hair is still a little damp.
  3. It is recommended to leave this mask on for about 5 minutes and then rinse and dry the hair as per usual.



Properties of the Cedar Hair Mask

Our Cedar Hair Mask has wheat germ oil, which works as a moisturizer, coconut oil, which is nourishing and an excellent conditioner, as well as other ingredients including jojoba oil, an excellent antioxidant, and avocado, which provides hair with vitamins. In addition, thanks to botanical extracts such as sage, nettle and horsetail, this product nourishes, repairs and revitalizes the hair structure.

Your hair will stay radiant and luminous for much longer!



Roberta Alonso

Marketing & Business Development Intern @ The Lab Room 

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