Semana de la fragancia


This week we have celebrated in The Lab Room the week of fragrance, on the occasion of the celebration of the “World Fragrance Day” that took place on March 21 worldwide.

HOME PARFUM Pomegranate- Session Laura Sanchez

Fragrances are one of those vital complements to stand out and look impeccable. The scents make us open corners to deposit memories in our memory and go back in time, to those days when grandma baked a cake or that gala dinner we had with that person we love so much.


With this in mind, in The Lab Room we created our olfactory universe. Our Eau de parfum: our Rose Epicee, with a fragrance with spicy notes or our Magnolia Lime, a sweet and velvety fragrance. And home air fresheners with citrus scents, in the case of our Orange Mandarine, sweet, with our Figue Fruite, fresh, with our Tropical Bloom, and velvety, in the case of Pomegranate, or our moisturizers with fragrances such as Magnolia Lime or Rose Figuer.

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An interview with Monica

Of course we need to interview Monica in her garden to learn more about what her favorite fragrances are and how she uses them.

Monica Ceño Elie-Joseph

In the picture: Monica Ceño

TLR: What is your favorite The Lab Room fragrance and what does it remind you of?

M.C: Rose Epicee, because it reminds me of sunrises in the countryside at my grandmother’s house. She had wonderful old roses in the garden with a heady fragrance that I have tried to evoke in this perfume.


TLR: How often do you apply perfume? 

M.C: I like to apply perfume before going out, in the morning, and I also like to put it on before going to sleep.


TLR: What is your favorite home fragrance and why?

M.C: Orange Mandarine, because it reminds me of Andalusia. I love the orange blossom flower and it transports me to spring and summer, orange brings joy and that is why it is the fragrance I use the most at home.


A unique week of surprises

This week we started on Monday 21st a 25% discount, which will end this Sunday 27th, on all our fragrances, scents and scented creams because we know how important they are for all our customers.

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