Rossy de Palma x The Lab Room Wonder Balm Rose Petal


The Rose Petal Collection

The Rose Petal Collection Wonder Balm by Rossy de Palma x The Lab Room is a special edition of one of her favorite products from our collection with a wonderful rose fragrance. Use it as a saviour balm, a solid perfum, or just a 24 hours moisture product.  This balm also cleanses, removes makeup and nourishes the skin without leaving it greasy. Handmade with 100% natural ingredients.

The Lab Room Rose Petal Collection by Rossy de Palma is a collaboration that comes out from the deeply connection between The Lab Room Founder, Monica Ceño and the great artist. A love for nature and botanical extracts, and the ritualistic and ancestral goddess that we can all discover using cosmetics for body & soul.

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Rossy de Palma Wonder Balm Rose Petal Collection is a special collaboration between Rossy de Palma and The Lab Room that will elevate your personal care routine to new heights! This multifunctional balm is a jewel in our collection, now with a captivating rose fragrance that will delight your senses as it transforms your skin.

What makes our Rossy de Palma Wonder Balm Rose Petal so extraordinary?

Its versatility is second to none. Use it as a soothing balm to soothe and protect dry, cracked skin, as a solid perfum to add a touch of subtle but charming fragrance, or simply as a 24-hour moisturizer to keep your skin soft, nourished and radiant throughout the day.

But that’s not all. Our Rossy de Palma Wonder Balm Rose Petal is also a master at cleansing and skin care. Thanks to its unique and enriching formula, gently cleanses the skin, removes makeup and nourishes deeply, all without leaving a greasy or heavy feeling. Handmade with 100% natural ingredients, you can trust that each application is infused with natural goodness and love for your skin.

The rose fragrance adds a touch of luxury to your personal care experience, transporting you to a rose garden in full bloom with every application. Enjoy moments of indulgence and relaxation as you wrap yourself in its heavenly aroma and immerse yourself in the loving care that your skin deserves.

Further enhance the benefits of our Rossy de Palma Wonder Balm Rose Petal by combining it with other products from our Rose Petal collection. From facial cleansers to moisturizers, our line of skin care offers you a complete and holistic experience that will leave your skin radiant and healthy.

Don’t wait any longer to discover the transforming power of our Rossy de Palma Wonder Balm Rose Petal Collection. Join the skin care revolution with this multifunctional balm, crafted with natural ingredients and a love for your skin. ¡ Your skin will thank you with a radiant luminosity and an irresistible softness!

Key Ingredients

Almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, cera alba, shea butter, mango butter, mandarin oil, grapefruit oil, gardenia flower, calendula flower extract, argania spinosa kernel oil.


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