The Lab Room Kansa Wand has been handmade by artisans in India. With a beautiful body of rosewood and a metal top of bronze (kansa) created by copper, zinc and tin, it comes in a yute natural bag and is made to use with our beautiful facial and body oils allowing you to creat a self care ritual of relaxation.

Kansa wand is a millenary indian massage tool made of wood and healing metal that helps calming the mind while relaxing your skin, improve it´s irrigation, soften the lines of expression, balances the pH of your skin, among other incredible benefits. It must be used with an oil. It promotes wellbeing as passing it through the energy points or marmas melts stress away. Helps stabilise the ph of your skin. High skin acidity may cause acne and inflammation. Regular use of our kansa wand will help with these problems drawing out toxins and accumulated acidity.


* Improves Circulation * Eases inflamation * Rejuvenates
* Balances PH Level * Facial lifting * Glowing skin
* Lymaphatic Drainage * Revitalizes * Stimulates Collagen


Clean before use with soap. Cleanse your face. Apply a few drops of our Sensitive skin Oil or Facial radiance Oil, or Wonderbalm, depending on your skin type and desired skin results. Massage with circular, zig zag and upwards movements for 5-7 minutes.
Grey undertones may come afloat as you massage your face, this is a result of of the contact of bronze with the skin. The grey color is acidity which is released when the metals combine with the body’s electromagnetic system, a sign that your skin is detoxing. By removing toxins from the lymph nodes, kansa balances your skin’s pH levels. If greying happens just wipe it off with our bamboo pads and our cleanser.

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