Our eco-friendly, reusable bamboo cotton pads take your daily facial cleansing to another level. They can be washed and reused over and over again.
Being respectful with the environment and being able to dedicate a daily luxury cleansing ritual to your skin and remove make up is something we can now afford with our washable and ultra-soft bamboo cotton pads. A wonderful way to cut down one single-use products in our beauty routine. A beautiful and very practical kit, it comes with five rounded pads with an elegant design in our corporate colors, 3 white with beige stitching and 2 white with black stitching, in an organic mesh bag that will allow you to wash them again and again.
How to use
Lightly moisten the pad with lukewarm water before applying our The Lab Room cleanser. Pass lightly all over your face and neck to clean, press gently on the eyes and eyelids. You can also use them when toning your skin with the floral toner, do not neglect your décolleté!
After use, rinse pad with water and squeeze out excess liquid before placing pad in laundry bag. We recommend that you use the compress once before washing (your skin will thank you).
Place the entire garment bag in your next wash on a 30 ° wash cycle. Wash with like colors. Straighten pads when wet and air dry (do not tumble dry).

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